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BUSY BUSY BUSY - Three key things in a busy life!

Three key things in a busy life!

****************************** 1. Be aware of breathing and sleep quality

to be able to recover – your brain needs it.

2. Be encouraged and engage in physical, mental,

and social activities – with adequate support and network.

3. Have an intent or a purpose

each day to live life – with right priorities and focus.

It is quite simple. If it was only these three things, why would need to read the book? How many times do we forget our BEING and continue our busy lives until things come to surface and have to react because we do not have the choice any more? It is far better to have the choice than being forced. As described in my previous blog, I had choice, I took the risky one and paid for the consequences. What would I have done if I knew as I wrote the book and the challenges I would face, would I have forgotten about it? It was in my bookshelf; hidden somewhere on my computer; in an old folder; I forgot to look into. Maybe if I published it and put right in front of me, I would remember it for a lifetime. Now it is always with me. I carry it around. Maybe if I found someone who would be interested in this version I have with me and to not miss out on that opportunity.

In my second blog, I talked about the process of publishing. This blog will discuss the three key things I believe are essential dealing with our busy life’s and daily challenges. Have you ever felt like you are fighting the wave and found it a struggle to keep your balance? How do you deal with that waves? How do you get ready for the challenges? If you go for a long walk but you are not prepared, then it will be a struggle. This a bit similar to being proactive and prepared. If a situation arises we can handle the challenges much better as we are able to look after the BEING (I will go into more detail in the next blog) better and are able to handle the waves.

1. Make sure you breathe and sleep, as the brain needs it

As soon you we start to worry, it will have an impact and reduce the space we have and the available energy to put in. Worries appear to be part of our lives, however, they also might be a warning signal to change what we can change. The key is regularity and more consistent pattern in both.

2. Be active mentally, physically and socially

I mean here is the time to initiate the mind and observe what is happening and to work out a strategy and plan to deal with a situation or with the challenging circumstances and check if there is adequate support.

3. Have given intent, which could be based on a dream –

It is key to be able to draw back on something each day, so if we focus our energy on our key values, we will find the right focus. Sometimes it may involve getting out of our comfort zone and reaching out. Sometimes an uncomfortable experience is part of working out a more effective and more adequate outcome to find meaningful connections.

To sum up there are the three simple key things to consider every day and these will help to deal with the waves.

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