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AWARENESS​ – Be awake and alert!

Awareness is the key for the understanding of how things are, how things are related and how they affect our state of well-being. There are different stages in which we could be. This is used in education such as not knowing that something exists; knowing but not acknowledging; knowing and acknowledging but not doing anything about it, and knowing acknowledging and taking action and responsibility.

Break through with well-being is targeted to readers who are in the process and wanting to know more about well-being and acknowledging it however may or may not yet doing something about it. In this circumstance, the book could be a valuable read on how to get started, or to draw back to it when needed.

If we do not know, we might not be alerted to things we would like to know, then it is worthwhile. If we are innocent or ignorant – that this might be not the right book. If we are fully aware and acknowledging and already taking action and we are perfect riding the waves, it might not an efficient use of your time reading this book. Who does not get sometimes a bit out of balance when a situation brings us back to a greater struggle or someone we know of is struggling to deal with the waves? It might be a book, which could assist, and giving it to someone who is in the stages of struggling.

In any case, it requires a process of acknowledging that things may or may not feel to be quite right and that we are feeling a bit out of balance navigating through the waves. It takes a bit of courage to take on the challenge. But it is worthwhile to put an effort toward handling these challenges. It could be something in our lifestyle that is not quite right and results in unnecessary strain and stress and small incremental changes may assist and help us out.

In addition, it is critical to understand the habits as they usually take as astray. Once we are alerted and awakened to what is really happening, we can introduce change. However it takes twenty times of repetition for a habit to break. As the title states: Break Through with Well-being. We need to be patient and be consistent, and keep the focus when we get a chance. I hope with the the book is structured and offering a on-hand approach, you will carry it with you wherever you go.

The aim of this book is to increase our awareness; to be more alerted or awakened to issues; when we are getting out of balance; when people in our surroundings are losing critical connections, and seeing what connections we are building. This book is to put us back on track in the right focus on our BEING to enhance well-being.

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