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Why publish? – Challenges with publishing!

Being too busy and ignoring body signs is not the smartest thing. I realised that and was hit back to realty when this happened: I was rushing to a plane trying to move fast as I could carrying a heavy backpack and then it just happened. I did not realise for two days what was going on, however the pain level gradually increased to an unexpected unbearable level. Having my own disc prolapse in December 2018 was an eye-opener and a bit a test to see if this approach would be of any use to others. This was the encouragement and the reason to finally publish.

I looked at this unlucky event as an opportunity to test my five-finger well-being approach and to test to see if it works with this personal situation. I experienced massive sciatic pain levels, which I was unable to manage without painkillers and prevented me sleeping to help recovery. The five-finger well-being approach helped me to adjust to my new circumstances and recover quickly, while keeping the focus. Therefore I thought if that works for such a personal situation, it might be helpful for others and I felt now it is ready to get it out there and that is the reason of why I am going to publish, but the questions was; Who with?

It was obvious to me that I should follow my friend’s publisher assuming them to be the right fit. Soon or later I realised that the publishers’ appeared not to stand behind my vision and values, in contrast, convincing me with marketing strategies focusing their services while not listening to my vision. I was facing challenges with publishing! As a result, I asked myself the question of what would more adequate for my wellbeing – to continue with having concerns or chose a more suitable publisher who is congruent with my vision and values.

Through the website The Alliance of Independent Authors I found many recommended publishing services. I thoroughly checked them out and finally contacted one of the strongly recommended publishers. Very soon, after I received a personalised response, and author target approach what I believe is the key in the assisted publishing industry.

My intent is that this book will end up being in the right hands of people who will be encouraged to read it and take responsibility for their BEING while affecting well-being in a positive way and helping in their everyday life and lifestyles. After a long process, my original publisher accepted my cancellation request. However, there could be still references in Google finding links to my previous publisher with comments out of print with wrong book cover. Dear Reader, I would like to encourage you to visit

In a nutshell, not only does this approach overcome a challenging situation with my disc prolapse, but also dealing with the publishing world and industry was also a challenge. Keeping your calm and cool is key. Being an author, I would wish to encourage anyone to use your energy efficiently, remain strong and set up an effective strategy placing your product into the right market, as there has been so much effort put into bringing it to life. It is worth to your book for it to be placed in the right area.

Therefore my strategy is to make this book accessible to people who wish to read it with its benefits for a more aware, more balanced and more connected and directed BEING – effective in the actions we take. That is the conclusion of my first blog and my overall vision and reason for publishing this book – to bring it to life and how potentially such a concept or an approach can assist in overcoming challenges!

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