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About the author 


Claudia was born in and had grown up in Switzerland. She has spent a large part of her life in Australia. She has a background as an architectural draughts-person and studied engineering. She did further studies in psychology, health, and nutrition. 


She loves the concept of the body, mind, and soul. She wrote a poem about how these interact and interconnect with the inner and outer world. The key message is that rather than just following external triggers, such as careers and reputations, we should be mindful about listening to our cues of body, mind, and soul. 


On her life journey, she was fascinated by these cues and wanted to discover more about these. A story about a woman and her child diagnosed with autism and intellectual disability inspired her. This woman was determined to do all to help her child learn to read and write, which were gains that specialists had thought unlikely; these goals were realised, and improved the quality of life for both and built up resilience through daily challenges.


That inspired her to do a project in 2014 of running the Bibbulmun Track, a 1,001-kilometre walking track in Western Australia. Her mum and a friend supported her and followed her with a campervan. The purpose was to raise funds for Sailability Port Stephens Australia, a charity organisation that helps out children in need. She completed it within nineteen days, and it was shown to be an excellent learning experience for the mind, body, and soul. 

There were five key issues that were critical in the preparation for the journey: breathing well, appropriate hydration, healthy nutrition, physical fitness, and good planning during the entire project. This evolved into the first initial concept of a lemon flower with five petals representing each of the topics. Well-being is like the growing lemon tree, with the flower and its five petals finally maturing into a fruit; this can be applied to many other areas of life. This evolved then into the simpler and more integrated five-finger approach to well-being, which is presented here in her first book. 

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Annette Messenger
B.Behavioural Studies (Psych), Grad Cert Human Nutrition, M. Education and Professional Studies (autism research)

Break Through with Well-BEING is written for everyone. I love the original approach of this book through reference to the "hand" and it's digits; something so symbolic in so many ways, as explained at the start of each chapter.  This book shows us that improved wellbeing is always at hand.  It is written and explained in plain language, with a simple and practical approach to supporting and enhancing wellbeing, and puts the responsibility to act in the hands of the reader.  

Gary Bosdyk 
 Carpet Layer

A very, very thought out book. Very informative, helpful and amazing wording. It was a privilege to read it!

Leanne Cooper
Cadence College Director

Break Through With Well-Being: a five-finger approach to wellbeing offers a practical and relatable approach to find or regain balance in your life. I love the core of the principles, BEING, that we must not only take care of our ‘being’ but we too must be responsible for it, and that BEING itself is an acronym that outlines the theme throughout the book. The book works through each of the pillars of wellbeing, highlighting significant works and research that has changed the way we view life as well as providing an evidence-based exploration. The tools and strategies provided are varied to suit your individual need and preference, there is something for all walks of life, and they are engaging, easy to carry out and can provide profound outcomes.

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