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Has there ever been a situation where you felt you were out of balance?


Like you were out of focus and trying to find direction, but you weren't sure where it was all going?


Imagine you are on a paddleboard, and the waves are coming at you unpredictably, making you struggle to stay on and keep your balance. This book is a practical guide in managing these make-or-break situations we face in life. The challenge with today's lifestyles is that disruptions threaten our natural biological rhythms, our balance, and jeopardise our well being in everyday life. This can result in an increased strain on our bodies, risk of disease, and threats to our health.


The five-finger approach to well being uses a pragmatic, structured, and holistic approach with emphasison the BEINGrepresenting five themes and chapters:


- Breathe and Sleep

- Encourage and Engage

- Inquire and Inspire

- Nourish and Flourish

- Grow and Flow


With five focuses of ABCDE: Attention, Balance, Connectivity, Direction and Efficiency. This will allow you to navigate easily through the different themes and find information quickly to keep your BEING in balance and shape.

Break Through with Well-being - Ebook

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